Office Visits

All You Need to Know About Visits to Our Manassas, VA Orthodontic Office

Both adults and kids today are busy. We respect your valuable time at Smileworks Orthodontics. That is why we limit the number of office visits needed to as few as possible. We also begin to deliver orthodontic appliances during your second visit so that treatment can start right away!

Complimentary Examination

Patients will undergo their free examination during their first office visit. We will take your medical and dental history along with any necessary records. We will also take any needed x-rays so that Dr. Hussaini can formulate your individual treatment plan and track your progress throughout your care.

Dr. Hussaini will conduct a thorough exam of your teeth, looking at their general condition as well as for specific issues like cross-bite, potential crowding, spacing, etc. Once all this is done, he will discuss the proposed treatment including duration, cost, and financing options. We make certain that you have complete information so that you can make an informed decision regarding treatment.

Bonding Appointment

At your bonding appointment, we make models of your teeth for a complete and necessary record. We then place your braces or give you your new custom appliance, such as your first Invisalign aligner. You can expect this appointment to last one to two hours.

Regular Appointments

Once you have received your braces or appliance, you will need to visit us for adjustments about every four to eight weeks. These are brief appointments, lasting around a half hour each.

We see patients by appointment only, and we strive to always be on time. We ask that you please extend us the same courtesy. Please immediately let us know if you cannot keep an appointment.

You can always reach us at (703) 383-0090.