Emergency Orthodontic Care

We Provide Care for Orthodontic Emergencies at Our Manassas, VA Office

It is rare to have a true orthodontic emergency occur, but we are here to help if one happens. If you are experiencing severe pain or your appliance breaks and causes pain, you should call our team at Smileworks Orthodontics. We will set up an appointment with Dr. Hussaini as soon as possible.

Please see our Common Problems page for instructions on how to temporarily repair some appliance issues and relieve pain. Even if you are able to fix the problem, you still need to contact us right away for definitive repair of your braces or other appliance.

Headgear Issues

Discomfort from headgear is sometimes caused by not wearing the headgear as often as you should or in the manner instructed by Dr. Hussaini. Always follow the instructions you received from our office. Just as with braces and other appliances, headgear discomfort often dissipates over time. So be certain you are wearing your headgear during the recommended hours.

If the facebow of your headgear is damaged or bent, please notify our office right away.

We can always be reached at (703) 383-0090 for questions, concerns, and appointments.