Smileworks Orthodontics’ COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update on March 17, 2020

Dear Parents and Patients,

At Smileworks Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being an integral part of the community. In keeping with the spirit of commitment to our community, patients, and staff, and following the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) Board of Directions recommendation to postpone any non-emergent dental care for two weeks, we will be closing our office starting Tuesday March 17, 2020. In doing so, we are hoping to curtail non-essential trips out of your homes and in turn control the pandemic spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). In controlling the spread, early containment is the key and we are attempting do our part in being socially responsible. Our tentative plan is to reopen on Monday April 6, 2020; however, this is a fluid situation and we will be in communication with you to confirm our reopen date as soon as we know. If you don’t already do so, please like/follow us on our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with regular updates we will be providing over the next few weeks.

While the risks posed to the average person are minimal, especially given the strict infection control protocols we use at Smileworks Orthodontics, we feel a great responsibility to ensure that we protect the elderly and immunocompromised through social distancing and by keeping the transmission rates as low as possible. In the following days, we will be closely monitoring all guidelines set forth by public health institutions both at the local and national levels to ensure we maintain all necessary standards as we prepare to reopen and once again serve your orthodontic needs.

We will still be here for your orthodontic emergency care. Please do not present to our office without an appointment. If you have an emergency, please call contact us on our regular phone number at 703-383-0090 during normal business hours. Our phone lines will be forwarded to one of our staff members at home. For after hour emergencies, please call our emergency line at 703-879-4746. We will walk you through steps on how to make yourself or the patient comfortable over the phone. In the rare case that an emergency needs to be seen in the office, we will make arrangements to do so as soon as possible.

Please do not contact our office for rescheduling requests. We are not rescheduling any appointments at this point in time as we do not have a firm reopening date yet established. As soon as we have one, we will contact you to reschedule.

We apologize for the late notice and any inconvenience this may cause, but we care about each and every one of you and your families too much to not be proactive. We made this difficult decision with our patients, our staff, and our community at heart. Smileworks Orthodontics will always strive to serve our patients and we look forward to doing so again very soon. Thank you for trusting us all these years; we do not take your confidence in us for granted. Please continue to check your emails and our social medial channels for updates.

Dr. Hussaini and the team at Smileworks Orthodontics