Clear Braces

Clear Braces Available in the Manassas, VA Region – Discreet Orthodontic Correction

Ceramic Braces

Made of transparent ceramic, these braces are well-suited for adolescent and adult patients concerned about cosmetic appearance. While ceramic braces are less visible than metal braces, they are also less durable. Therefore, patients with ceramic braces need to take particular care with oral hygiene. Ceramic braces are more commonly used on the upper teeth rather than the lower teeth.

Transparent Aligners

Transparent aligners offer convenience and discreetness. These acrylic aligners are invisible, comfortable, and removable. They come in a series, and Dr. Hussaini will provide a new aligner every few weeks. Patients can take them out for eating, oral hygiene, and playing sports. Clear aligners contain no metal parts, so they will not scrape the mouth. However, these aligners are not effective for all cases.

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