Clear Aligners / Invisalign® / 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners

Clear and Removable Aligners Take the Hassle of Braces Away for Manassas, VA Area Patients

Social stigma is one of the top reasons why many people dislike traditional metal braces. While it is true that metal braces are quite visible when you smile, there is an alternative. Clear aligners offer an orthodontic alternative to braces that uses clear trays to move teeth. A digital scan is initially taken that creates 3-dimensional images of the patient’s teeth on a computer. These images are uploaded into a software that Dr. Hussaini uses to set the teeth and the bite precisely for each individual patient. Once the treatment plan is finalized, Dr. Hussaini gives his final approval for the case, which then authorizes the manufacturing of the aligners and gets them shipped to our office. We use various companies to fabricate aligners for our patients, with the two most frequently used being Invisalign® and 3M Clarity Aligners.

The aligners are delivered to the patient in a series. Each aligner sequentially moves teeth to a certain extent. The series of aligners can be likened to a staircase, where each aligner is one step that allows the patients teeth to go from the beginning at the bottom of the stairs to the finish at the top of the stairs.

The biggest key to success for treatment with clear aligners is patient compliance. In order for them to work, the aligners need to be worn 22 hours daily. The only time they are to be removed from the patient’s mouth is when the patient is eating or brushing/flossing. As long as the patient wears them as prescribed, the success rate for clear aligner treatment is the same as braces, provided the cases are screened properly during the initial consultation appointment.

Removable for Sports, Eating, and Hygiene

As you likely know, metal braces are usually affixed to your teeth for several months. During that time, brushing and flossing around the wires and brackets can be difficult. Sports and athletics can also be a problem because of the potential for mouth injuries. But clear aligners avoid these issues with discreet, removable orthodontic correction.

Although you should wear your aligner as much as possible during the day for maximum treatment benefit, clear aligners are removable for eating, self-dental care, and playing sports. You do not have to worry about getting food entangled in your braces, and you can replace your aligner with a mouthguard during athletics. You’ll also find brushing and flossing to be no different since you can remove your aligner at any time.

The clear aligner system is simple. Many patients also report that these polymer aligners are much more comfortable than old-fashioned metal braces with less abrasion to the lips and gums.

Whether you’re interested in clear aligner treatment for yourself or your teen, simply call us at (703) 383-0090 for more information and a free examination.