Braces for All Ages

Braces Available in Manassas, VA for Children, Teens, and Even Adults

While orthodontic treatment is most common among teens, it can also be beneficial for younger children and adults. Modern orthodontic appliances are versatile and can fit most any lifestyle – from active kids to professionals in middle age.


Good dental health begins at a very young age, and many kids as young as six or seven need an orthodontic evaluation. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that kids have an initial orthodontist visit by the age of seven. Although your child may still have their baby teeth, many orthodontic issues are apparent in early life. By seeing your child early, Dr. Hussaini can get ahead of potential problems like bite misalignment.

If your little one does need orthodontic correction, our staff at Smileworks Orthodontics provides kind, gentle treatment. Starting treatment before the teenage years will allow Dr. Hussaini to effectively guide your child’s bite and jaw alignment into proper position.

We also have many fun and colorful options for braces and other orthodontic appliances. Your child does not have to settle for boring, plain metal braces.


Orthodontic devices don’t have to slow down your active and social teen. With today’s orthodontic options, like Invisalign transparent aligners, your teenager can have comfortable and discreet orthodontic correction. Even better, these aligners are removable for eating, dental care, and sports.

Besides Invisalign, we also provide many choices in ceramic, metal, and invisible braces. Your teen can customize their braces with their own personal color combinations.

Many parents and teens inquire about treatment times with braces. The answer varies according to each individual case. Adherence to orthodontic recommendations and avoidance of potentially damaging foods – like sticky and hard candies – will reduce treatment durations.


Orthodontics correction isn’t just for kids. In fact, about 20% of all orthodontic parents are over 21. Many adults can benefit from orthodontic correction but fear that braces may cause them to appear juvenile or unprofessional. But this is not the case with clear braces and transparent aligners. These orthodontic devices supply unobtrusive treatment for crooked teeth and misaligned bites.

We also feature self-ligating braces and other aesthetically-pleasing options. Of course, once your orthodontic treatment is concluded, you’ll benefit from a straight, beautiful smile!

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