What is a Recall appointment and do you need to schedule one?

Recall appointments, or observation appointments, are very important, and here’s why…

Recall appointments are typically scheduled for orthodontic patients who have come in for their initial evaluation and are not quite ready for orthodontic treatment. They are also scheduled for patients who have finished phase I of orthodontic treatment and are waiting for their remaining permanent teeth to come in so they can be evaluated for phase II treatment. During a recall appointment, Dr.Hussaini carefully evaluates the patient’s teeth to see how everything is developing/progressing. An updated x-ray may be taken in order to assist him in the evaluation of the patient’s dental development. This evaluation ensures that orthodontic treatment is started at the most ideal time for the most efficient course of action. Certain treatments are more successful when they are coordinated properly with a patient’s growth spurt. Recall appointments allow for us to ensure of this coordination so that the best results are obtained for the patient.