Orthodontic Treatment is a Team Effort – We’re All in This Together

Orthodontic Treatment is a Team Effort – We’re All in This Together
By Smileworks Orthodontics
March 2021

Dr. Hussaini tells a lot of our patients that orthodontic treatment is a team effort. The patient, parents and our orthodontic team, when working together and all contributing equally, bring about a beautiful and positive result. 

However, if any of the three do not do their job, the treatment will not be successful. 

Yes, parents, you have an important and significant role in your child’s treatment plan too! 

Adult patients, since you’re bearing the scheduling and treatment responsibility of your plan, all of this applies to you as well.

Considering the resources that families put into obtaining a beautiful smile, it’s imperative that we all work together as a team to accomplish the orthodontic treatment plan well. A combined effort and mutual support, with all three (patient, parent and orthodontist) working in tandem, have wonderful outcomes. 

What is your role in an orthodontic treatment plan? Let’s take a look.

Patient Cooperation
A good deal of yielding excellent orthodontic results comes from patient cooperation. Unfortunately, a lot of times, patients do not wear rubber bands or orthodontic appliances as they are instructed by our orthodontic care team. Dr. Hussaini can tell if you’re wearing your bands or appliance as suggested, so please be honest about your actions and your commitment to the treatment plan. 

Share any concerns or challenges that you’re facing so that we can help you make a plan to overcome them. This is a new experience for each and every patient that is on a journey for a better smile, and patients don’t have to figure things out alone. Talk with one of your favorite orthodontist assistants or Dr. Hussaini here at Smileworks Orthodontics about anything that’s preventing you from following the plan. We work with hundreds of patients and have many years of experience and will have very helpful answers for you! 

Bottom line: the patient must make sure that they are wearing rubber bands, orthodontic appliances, and/or retainers as instructed. 

Parent Cooperation
Parents have to make sure that appointments are made, as directed by our team, and that patients are brought in for those appointments. Missed appointments or frequent rescheduling will prolong the treatment plan, and therefore, the results. Additionally, when patients aren’t wearing their rubber bands or orthodontic appliances, parents often question why treatment is not progressing well. 

Understanding the significance of following the prescribed treatment plan and providing oversight at home to ensure that the patient is following the plan, helps the process move along more smoothly and with better results. Often older or more responsible teens can manage most of the treatment plan elements on their own, but a quick check-in or spot-check ever so often provides accountability and ensures proper movement forward. 

If those bands are not being worn, for example, the parent will be aware and it will not come as a surprise when we see hindrance in progress. Parents and guardians, your positive oversight and frequent encouragement help a lot! 

Your Orthodontist’s Advice & Expertise
As your orthodontist, Dr. Hussaini directs the overall orthodontic treatment plan and will communicate this plan with the patient and the parent(s) when the patient comes for their appointments. 

There are certain things within our control, such as proper diagnosis and treatment planning of the orthodontic case, along with chairside appointment and implementation of the treatment plan during appointments.

However, certain aspects of treatment are limited to us giving instructions – and trusting that the patient is acting on them in between appointments. Successful orthodontic treatment relies on collaboration, partnership and trust between the patient, parent and our team. 

Remember that Dr. Hussaini is a medical doctor who has studied and practiced dental health for many years. Orthodontists like Dr. Hussaini specialize in the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws, and misaligned bite patterns. 

Dr. Hussaini’s  job is to ensure that your treatment plan is based on proven clinical research, studies and results, and is in line with guidelines provided by the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), and respected medical journals. 

Let’s work together to help you embrace that beautiful smile. 

-Dr. Hussaini & The Smileworks Orthodontics Team