How often will I visit the orthodontist after my braces are taken off?

Typically, you’ll visit our office about 4 more times after your braces have been removed to ensure everything is going well post-treatment with your retainers. These appointments are called retention checks during which Dr. Hussaini ensures your retainers are fitting well and your teeth are not moving. The 4 appointments are spread out over 2 years so the frequency of visits is not as often as it is during active treatment. Always make sure to bring your retainers with you to these appointments. More visits may be required if the retainers aren’t fitting properly or your teeth have moved. If you happen to misplace your retainers, please give us a call ASAP. Remember, the longer you wait, the more your teeth shift—putting you at risk of needing braces again to achieve the beautiful results that may have been lost.