Foods to Avoid During Braces and Why

It is important to avoid certain foods (anything hard, crunchy, or sticky) during your treatment with braces. The video below demonstrates what happens if you don’t follow the instructions provided. Please note how it can set your orthodontic treatment back and add time to your overall orthodontic treatment. As a result, it’s imperative that you […]

How to floss with braces

“How do I floss with braces?” is one of the most questions we receive. Below is a tutorial video that shows exactly how! Please note that the video below is utilizing a floss threader. You can utilize the exact same technique without a floss threader as well by simply threading the floss behind the wire […]

What can I do if I am having a hard time flossing with braces?

Are you having trouble flossing with braces? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! There is nothing that works as well as string floss to clean between your teeth, but for patients that are having a hard time using string floss, a Waterpik is the next best thing. It’s easy, fast, and effective in removing the plaque […]

Does getting braces put on hurt?

There’s a common misconception that getting braces put on hurts. It is the most popular question we’re asked…“Will it hurt?” The simple answer is, no. The process of getting braces, in fact, is a piece of cake. There are no needles involved so no injections of any kind. Having brackets bonded (glued) to your teeth […]

What is a Recall appointment and do you need to schedule one?

Recall appointments, or observation appointments, are very important, and here’s why… Recall appointments are typically scheduled for orthodontic patients who have come in for their initial evaluation and are not quite ready for orthodontic treatment. They are also scheduled for patients who have finished phase I of orthodontic treatment and are waiting for their remaining […]

Have you visited our Facebook page lately?

A quick and easy way to earn extra points is to review us on our official Yelp, Google, and Facebook pages (links provided below)! Upon verifying your review, we will issue your points to your Smileworks SmilePoints card. **Points are issued per review (one on each site), so be sure to review us on all […]

How often will I visit the orthodontist after my braces are taken off?

Typically, you’ll visit our office about 4 more times after your braces have been removed to ensure everything is going well post-treatment with your retainers. These appointments are called retention checks during which Dr. Hussaini ensures your retainers are fitting well and your teeth are not moving. The 4 appointments are spread out over 2 […]

How long do I have to wear my retainers for after my treatment has completed?

This is the most common question we get from patients after their orthodontic treatment has been completed. The simple answer is that retention (the process of wearing retainers to retain teeth in the final position set with orthodontic treatment) is a life-long process. The reason why retainers need to be worn the rest of a […]

How to get a celebrity smile without the celebrity budget!

You may think that getting a celebrity smile is out of your budget. But that’s not true at all! At Smileworks Orthodontics, we offer flexible payment plans to help you achieve a smile you will love. We personalize our no-interest financing plans to fit your budget. The first step to start the process would be […]

Orthodontic Treatment is for All Ages!

Orthodontic treatment is not only for kids! You may have thought braces are for children, but times have changed! Adults all over the world are conscious about their appearance and smile, which has resulted in about one in every five orthodontic patients being over the age of 21. Recent studies have shown that straighter teeth […]