Braces for Under $4,000!

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Metal Braces for $3,950 plus $250 for records!

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We are now offering comprehensive orthodontic treatment with metal braces for the low price of $3,950, plus a records fee of $2501,2! We are the only orthodontic practice in the area that discloses prices up front. This allows you to discuss treatment with your family prior to the consultation appointment, allowing you to start your orthodontic journey with us the same day. And if you are ready to pay for and complete your records the same day, we will reduce your overall treatment fee by an additional $250! Please note that we can only offer this promotion if you sign your contract the day of your consultation appointment. The reason for this is because it allows us to complete your records the same day and save us time during your following bonding appointing when your braces go on.

The only exception to the pricing above is if certain appliances or additional procedures are needed for your orthodontic treatment. These are as follows:
$250 additional for simple appliances (i.e. expanders, space maintainers, etc.)
$500 additional for bite correction appliances (i.e. Herbst, Carriere, Facemask, etc.)
$500 additional for treatment that requires adjunct surgical procedures (i.e. exposures, jaw surgery, etc.)
Dr. Hussaini and our team will inform you if any of these appliances/procedures are needed during the initial consultation appointment.

In addition to standard metal braces, we offer more aesthetic options for an additional fee. These are as follows:
$250 additional for clear braces
$500 additional for clear aligners (i.e. Invisalign, 3M Clarity Aligners, etc.)
$500 additional for lingual braces (i.e. Inbrace)
You can find out more information about the different types of orthodontic appliances we have to offer by checking out the Types of Braces page on our website.

We offer convenient in-office financing for up to 6 months at no additional charge, without a credit check. For any extended financing over 6 months, there will be a $250 Financing Fee that will be added to your overall total treatment cost. We offer terms lasting the duration of your orthodontic treatment in-office, once again without a credit check. For those patients that wish to finance for even longer terms with very low monthly payments, we have a partnership with Care Credit that allows you to accomplish this, pending credit approval. If you do plan on taking advantage of extended financing through Care Credit, you can save time during your appointment and apply from home prior to your visit to your office by clicking this link today!

The prices above are for comprehensive orthodontic treatment, which usually takes 12 months of treatment or longer. You can find prices for limited orthodontic treatment that would take under 12 months of treatment by clicking here. If your child needs phase I orthodontic treatment, our pricing for can be found by clicking here.

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1. Terms, conditions, and office policies apply.
2. For new patients only; does not apply for existing patients.