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"Dr. H made getting braces seem like a walk in the park. The process ran smoothly and his advice/tips for getting them off sooner, as we all desire, really did help speed up the process. I didn't see going to the orthodontist as a burden because Dr. H was always in a great mood and interested in my day. He shared stories, jokes, laughs and even how the process for the next appointment would be like to prepare me about what I should expect. He is very dedicated to his work and was always very gentle and patient with me. If I had to go through braces again I would choose Dr. H!"
— Brenda U.

"Dr. Hussaini is truly a skilled clinician. His attention to detail gave me a fantastic smile and helped to make my Invisalign treatment successful. His meticulousness was outranked only by his gentle nature and ability to put his patient at ease with every appointment. I thank him immensely for all of his hard work in treating me!"
— Tiffany C.

"Dr. Hussaini was the utmost professional, always with a friendly smile and genuine caring demeanor. He was a perfectionist in achieving my treatment goals. All questions and concerns I had were addressed in a thoughtful and considerate manner. I couldn't be happier with the results and I get compliments on my smile ALL the time. I would highly recommend his orthodontic services to anyone!"
— Jessica D.

"An innately gifted orthodontist, Dr. H effectively and meticulously achieved an exquisite job on my daughters highly inadequate set of teeth. Always on time, organized, and dependable, Dr. H possesses a professional attitude. His pleasant and intelligent manner made him my orthodontist of choice. "
— Nicole C.

"Dr. H is a knowledgeable dental practitioner whose dedicated work shows through the outstanding results that he makes possible. His charismatic attitude and insightful dental care tips made me genuinely care about maintaining good oral hygiene. Dr. H made thoughtful, key decisions throughout my braces treatment that he knew would allow for the best possible end result. I am highly satisfied with the way Dr. Hussaini transformed my smile and am certain that it has changed my life for the better."
— Marcelo B.

"My experience with Dr. Hussaini was a painless one. I was nervous before starting treatment, but Dr. Hussaini was very gentle with my mouth during every appointment and proved that orthodontic treatment didn't have to be painful. I always looked forward to my appointments and seeing the progress Dr. Hussaini made with me. "
— Annelies M.

"Dr. H has been one of the best dentists I've ever dealt with. I loved his professionalism and fun attitude. He was always organized and I am very satisfied with the results of my new million dollar smile!"
— Michelle A.

"I am very pleased with Dr. H's performance when it comes to his field of specialty. Dr. H makes sure all of his patients are comfortable before and during treatment. His kind heart will keep a smile on anyone's face. Overall I am extremely happy and thankful for my new smile and Dr. H. :-)"
— Timothy C.

“Dr. Hussaini is great! He's really friendly and nice. He did an amazing job on my teeth, in a much shorter time than I thought it would take. If you have a problem mouth, he's your go-to guy.”
— Michael H.

 “Dr. Hussaini was very thorough and informative at the initial visit as to our son’s course of treatment.  We got constant updates as treatment progressed, and he was always very pleasant.  It was a pleasure working with him, and our son’s smile looks great!”
— Anna and Bob H.

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