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April is National Poetry Month

April 10th, 2014

April is National Poetry Month… so we thought we’d give everyone a nice poem about braces!  However, amongst our search we found there to be not even one happy poem about braces.  So straight from our office to you is an original Smileworks Orthodontics lyrical specialty!

These teeth are not perfect, these teeth are not right
these teeth do not sit well, these teeth have a bad bite.
Crowding and smushing, pushing and squashing
there is not enough space for these teeth for flossing
Periodontal disease is definitely not fun,
with crowded teeth your odds are higher than some!

These teeth are not perfect, these teeth are not right
these teeth do not sit well, these teeth have a bad bite.
Spacing and gapping, separation in placing,
there is too much room for these teeth to stay fastened.

Teeth and gums will be healthy, when placed in the right space
Not to mention the beautiful smile on your face!
So the next time you think braces are a sore,
remember this poem, think of it once more…
Periodontal disease, tooth loss & decay
What more is there to say than thank goodness braces saved the day!

Supporting Our Community

March 26th, 2014

Now that Spring is finally here (or at least we hope!) you can be on the lookout for us at the local elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools that we support.  Whether it be on banners at football stadiums, at career day tables, at literacy runs, or health fairs, you will always find us finding ways to give back and support the schools in our community.

Our office is proud to support the following schools & organizations as part of Dr. Hussaini’s commitment to supporting education:

*Baldwin Elementary School
*Brentsville District High School
*Cougar Elementary School
*Manassas Park Elementary School
*Manassas Park High School
*Manassas Park Middle School
*Osbourn High School
*Osbourn Park High School
*Stonewall Middle School
*Westgate Elementary School

Please feel free to stop by and see how we can help your school or organization meet their goals!  Dr. Hussaini is always open to ideas and suggestions!

National Children’s Dental Health Month :)

February 20th, 2014

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and that’s right up our alley!  We love love love February because it’s the month that emphasizes what we love to do, which is caring for your children’s oral health!  However, this year we are asking all of our parents to take a hands on approach with their children.  To do so we are offering just a few tips:

*  Occasionally watch your child brush his/her teeth.  (How would you know if they are brushing correctly if you don’t watch them?)
*  Occasionally look inside your child’s mouth and at their teeth to make sure there is nothing suspicious.  The sooner you detect a problem, the better!  Look out for any brown spots, abscesses, white lesions, or even crowding and/or spacing.
*  Examine their gum lines to make sure they are getting the plaque off when they are brushing.  If not, grab that toothbrush and help them with it!
*  Remind your children to brush their tongues also.  One of the major causes of halotosis (bad breath) is the bacteria that reside on your tongue.

We hope that everyone takes these tips into consideration, and don’t forget to give us a call if you have any questions!

February, sweet sweet February!

February 4th, 2014

Did you know the U.S. consumes over $1 billion in candy on Valentine’s Day?  That’s a lot! It’s estimated that nearly four million people in the U.S. have braces, now that’s a lot of braces and a lot of candy!  Braces & candy…these two things aren’t a good couple; but do you know why they aren’t?  You guessed it…pH balance!  No seriously, it really is pH balance…

Candies that are sweet and sour are very acidic because of their low pH balance, and low pH balance in your mouth can allow the teeth to demineralize or dissolve <—- this allows for bacteria to feed happily on your teeth, which results in cavities.

In regards to braces in specific, the same effect will occur; only it’s much harder to clean your teeth thoroughly after candy so you are more susceptible to getting cavities.  Also, the acidic pH levels in those sweet and sour candies can weaken the cement that we use to put on the braces, which can cause the brackets to become loose and come off the tooth.  Broken brackets = longer time in braces!

So if you’re going to reach for some delicious candies, or if the temptation is too great, reach for the soft chocolates or peanut butter cups.  Chocolates are much less acidic and better for your overall health as well as oral health!

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